I’d Like to Recommend…

Some of you might have noticed that for the last few weeks, my recipe posts have slowed down a bit. What happened? Well, I started a new class and I’m just not great at time management! I’m trying really hard to post at least one new recipe per week and when the class ends in a couple of weeks, I’ll hopefully get back to posting every day or at least every other day.

So, in the meantime, I suggest you check out some of the other food blogs that I have listed along the right side of my site because there are so many great recipes and photos out there! Even when I’m in school, I spend way too much time reading cookbooks and other food blogs, looking at photos on Flickr, and searching for recipes. My cookbook collection has been getting out of control and you might notice that the list of food blogs I visit grows longer every day! So, every once in a while I might add a post like this highlighting a cookbook and/or food blog that has recently caught my attention.

Today I want to introduce you to a site that I just can’t seem to stay away from lately! It’s called What We’re Eating and there are so many things that I love about it! Some blogs I visit for the photos, some blogs I visit for the writing, some blogs I visit for the recipes, and some blogs I visit for the humor. Actually, all of the links on my sidebar offer various combinations of great photos, recipes and writing, but it’s very rare that I find a site that consistently offers the best of all of these things! Seriously, Amanda and Tyler have put together a great site with beautiful, mouthwatering photos, recipes that are always tempting and the best part is that they don’t take themselves or the food too seriously. They are hilarious!

Another reason that I love Amanda and Tyler is that they have created the foodblog blog which is a great list of all kinds of food blogs. The best part is that they have added a new tool called “Blog Hop” that lets you randomly browse through the entire list (for those of you who are familiar with stumbleupon, it’s the same basic idea). Just click on the button and you’re magically transported to a random food blog. The button stays at the top of your browser so you can keep pressing it and keep browsing for as long as you want! It’s really cool and if you have some time to kill, a great way to discover some new food sites. There are plenty of foodblog lists floating around out there but they are so huge now that it’s completely overwhelming. Using Blog Hop is a great new way to get a taste of what’s out there without having to read through the list and somehow choose which links to follow.

Ok, if haven’t got the idea yet, I am basically commanding you to go check out What We’re Eating and actually read through one of their posts. I guarantee you’ll be hooked! If nothing else, bookmark their foodblog blog and when you have some spare time, take a ride on the Blog Hop!


  1. 1
    mac Says:

    The pics on what we’re eating are gorgeous! But….the “converstaion” they have is a little too…geekish. They need to record that and make it a podcast instead.

  2. 2
    Nicole Says:

    Yes, it would make a good podcast but I love reading it too 🙂 Maybe I’m a geek?

  3. 3
    peabody Says:

    Oh, yeah, I new one to read. Looks like a great one.

  4. 4
    Sandy (maine) Says:

    I looked, it was an interesting site.
    Good luck with the class. Is it about food, or just regular stuff?

  5. 5

    Good morning Nicole. I love good food! Regards, Al

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