A Cappuccino for You!


Well, it’s official, I WON!! First of all, you’ll have to excuse my excessive use of exclamation points in this post but…Pinch My Salt is officially the Best New Food Blog of 2006!! I would like to thank everyone who took a moment out of their day to go vote for me! And I would especially like to thank my friends who not only voted, but went out of their way (through blog posts and e-mail campaigns) to encourage others to vote as well, especially Emon, Jessica, Sandi, and Karen!

Another big thanks goes out to the Well Fed Network for hosting this great competition! There were so many great blogs nominated and my list of daily food blog reads has grown considerably since this whole thing started! And of course, I never could have won if I hadn’t been nominated, so a big thank you to Rachel for the nomination! In fact, Rachel’s blog, Coconut and Lime, won Best Original Recipes so some congratulations are in order over there too!

So once again, thanks so much to everyone for all the love, encouragement and support! And next time you’re in Sicily, you’ll have a cappuccino on me!

Ok, now that I’m done gushing, please take some time to go check out some of these other winners because there are some really amazing blogs listed below! But remember to stop back here soon because now that I’m through winning awards for a while and my houseguests are safely on their way back to the states, I’ll be busy posting lots of new recipes to start this new year off right!

2006 Food Blog Award Winners

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  1. 1

    Sweet! My vote(s) (hey, no I swear I only voted one time, just try and catch me in a lie) were not in vain. Always good to feel as if your vote is counted. πŸ™‚

  2. 2
    Dolce Says:


  3. 3
    Kristen Says:

    That is so great! Congrats πŸ™‚ Well deserved win.

  4. 4
    Connie Says:

    congratulations! you deserve it 100% and that is a very very cute cappuccino, what a fun way to celebrate!

  5. 6
    Mimi Says:

    Congratulations β€” it was a well-deserved honor. I’m glad, because thanks to the nominations, I found this blog.

  6. 7
    rachel Says:

    I was happy to nominate you and I am glad you won!

  7. 8
    Jennifer Says:

    Congratulations, Nicole! A well-deserved recognition.

  8. 9
    Ruby Berry Says:

    Congratulations Nicole! πŸ™‚

  9. 10

    Congratulations! I only just found your site (because of the awards) and look forward to visiting often!

  10. 11
    Kat Says:

    Congratulations Nicole! Well deserved!

  11. 12
    s'kat Says:

    Way to bust into the new year! Congrats, I look forward to seeing more over the next year.

  12. 13
    leslier Says:

    Awesome news! Congrats!!!

  13. 14
    emon Says:

    My right nut is saved! My right nut is saved!

    Congratulations, Nicole! Very well deserved!

  14. 15
    emon Says:

    Thanks for the mention! I could use some traffic. πŸ™‚

    Hey, just saw yours on WordPress’s Hot Blogs list. NICE!!

  15. 16
    Tyler Says:

    Well deserved! You rock! Can’t wait to see what 2007 brings!

  16. 17
    Trig Says:

    Congratulations on your win. I’m very impressed by your standards, especially the photography which I’m sure will be challenging everyone next year. Well done.

  17. 18
    Helene Says:

    Congratulations. I got to know your blog only this year, thanks to the contest. Wish you the best.

  18. 19
    amanda Says:

    Congradulations, Nicole!!! it’s true! you really are the best….. perhaps next year it’ll be best overall!!! we’re so excited for you πŸ˜€

  19. Congrats on your well-deserved award Nicole. Your site rocks!

  20. 21
    Vanessa Says:

    Pinchy…I’m so happy, you are so deserving! Yeah!!! Now, I love, love, love coffee, and caps, and all…but really, break out the Champers.

    You know I’ve waited my whole life to call someone Pinchy…I’m so glad it is you.

  21. 22
    Ivonne Says:

    Many congratulations, Nicole! Tanti auguri!

  22. 23
    Fer Says:

    Congrats Nicole!!! That is so awesome!

  23. whoopie! That is well deserved.
    I will take you up on that cappuccino the next time I’m in Italy!

  24. 25
    allansiew Says:

    Congrats! I was just passing by when I saw your blog. I will come back more often.

  25. 26
    madchilli Says:

    Congratulations Nicole! Well done.

  26. 27
    Steph Says:

    Whoohooo!!! Congrats Nicole! Can’t say it enough!!! What an accomplishment!

  27. 28
    Dina Slater Says:

    Congratulations Nicole! I found out about your food blog from New York Magazine. I subscribe to their online grub street digest. The 1/16/07 report featured you as one of the winners they liked. They said “Best Food Blog – New: Pinch My Salt. By a housewife in Sicily, this plain, recipe-centric blog has some of the most dazzling images around and is written in a totally simple and direct style that we wish we saw more of.
    Check it out at-

  28. 29

    Congratulations Nicole. Your blog is the best!

  29. 30

    Congratulations! You deserve it!

  30. 31
    food Says:

    Having just taken a good look at your blog after stumbling upon it by chance, it is easy to see why you won.

    The recipes are fantastic and the photography, amazing!



  31. 32
    ciim Says:

    Just lucked out and found your blog. Congratulations, your recipes and blog are wonderful. The recipes and ideas all look so simple. Thanks for sharing….di


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