Naughty Ice Cream Sandwiches


For an extra special Valentines Day treat, create these decadent and elegant ice cream sandwiches for the one you love. Combining Kahlua-flavored dark chocolate chunk brownies and ice cream spiked with Bailey’s, these aren’t your children’s ice cream sandwiches!

I created this dessert especially for a Four Weeks Magazine article that highlights five proven aphrodisiacs and includes five aphrodisiac recipes. I managed to squeeze three of the five listed aphrodisiacs into this dessert: coffee, dark chocolate, and alcohol; so beware of this one 😉 There are four other recipes featured in the article from some of my favorite foodbloggers. Two that look very promising are a Double Chocolate Tiramisu for Two created by the lovely Ivonne of Cream Puffs in Venice and a Dark Chocolate Layer Cake with Chocolate Rum Cream Cheese Frosting from Rachel of Coconute & Lime fame. Wow! Read the article here to see the recipes for yourself.

This recipe is far from difficult but it does require a little planning and preparation. For best results (and no stress), prepare the ice cream and bake the brownies the night before, assemble sandwiches in the morning, and serve as a surprise to your sweetheart after a romantic Valentine’s day dinner.




Naughty Ice Cream Sandwiches

Prepare the filling:

½ Gallon of premium vanilla ice cream, softened but not melted
¼ C. Irish Cream liquor (I used Baileys)

  1. Line a jellyroll pan with plastic wrap.
  2. In a large bowl, stir together the softened ice cream and Irish Cream until well combined.
  3. Spread ice cream evenly in the jellyroll pan. Cover with plastic wrap. Freeze for several hours or overnight.

Prepare the brownies:

1 full-size box of brownie mix
2 eggs
½ C. oil
¼ C. coffee-flavored liquor (I used Kahlua)
2 T. instant espresso
1 t. vanilla
4 oz. dark chocolate, cut into small chunks

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly grease an 18”x13” jellyroll pan then line the bottom with parchment paper.
  2. In a small bowl, combine Kahlua, instant espresso and vanilla; stir until coffee is dissolved.
  3. In a large bowl, combine brownie mix, eggs, oil, and Kahlua mixture; stir together until well combined.
  4. Stir in chocolate pieces.
  5. Pour mixture into the jellyroll pan and, using a spatula, gently coax the mixture out to the edges of the pan. Once the mixture has been spread as evenly as possible, smooth the top with a spatula.
  6. Place pan in a preheated, 350 degree oven. Bake for 12-15 minutes.
  7. When brownies are done to your liking (12 minutes for gooey, 15 for well-done), remove from oven and let cool completely on a wire rack.

Assemble the sandwiches:

Cut brownies into heart shapes using a cookie cutter. Use a spatula to carefully lift and remove the cut brownies to a separate platter. After all the hearts have been cut, cut the remaining pieces of brownie into bite-size pieces and store in a plastic bag for nibbling later. Wash and dry jelly roll pan then spread the brownie hearts out in a single layer in the pan.

Next, clear a large area on the counter and remove ice cream sheet from freezer. Place the tray of brownies within easy reach. Remove top layer of plastic wrap from ice cream. Working quickly, cut ice cream into shapes using the same cookie cutter you used for the brownies. As soon as you cut a piece of ice cream, quickly remove it by pushing up from the bottom with your fingers. This will get messy. Place the ice cream shape on top of one brownie and cover with another brownie. If desired, repeat this process to create a double decker sandwich. Continue until all brownie pieces have been used up.

Cover pan of sandwiches with plastic wrap and immediately place in the freezer. Scoop remaining bits of ice cream into a plastic container and freeze for later (you can eat it with the extra brownie pieces). After about an hour, the sandwiches can be individually wrapped in plastic if desired.

Ice cream sandwiches can be eaten by hand straight out of the freezer or for a special occasion, mix a little Kahlua with store-bought chocolate syrup, drizzle on a plate and top with the ice cream sandwich. You could even add a dollop of whipped cream!

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  1. Nicole,

    These are so beautiful!
    I love the recipe, the way it’s presented, everything so carefully made, so full of love and tenderness.

    Oh, and keeping the remaining pieces of brownie for later is a plus. 😉

  2. 2
    Shawnda Says:

    Mmmm. Looks (and sounds) heavenly!

  3. 3
    Meeta Says:

    These look amazingly yummy! WOW!

  4. Who knew ice cream sandwiches could be so seductive!
    Oh, and the photos are so enticing, Nicole.

  5. 5
    rachel Says:

    I love those! The recipe looks amazing.

  6. 6
    Ruby Berry Says:

    Love it, love it, love it!!!!!
    The combination of ice cream and chocolate…ohhhh so decedant!
    Please make this for me when you come to the states in August, we will love you forever.

  7. 7
    Kat Says:

    I’m so stealing this recipe!!!! It looks fantastic!

  8. 8
    Brilynn Says:

    Food. Porn.

  9. 9
    deb Says:

    These are utterly gorgeous. For a while, I have been trying to find a recipe for homemade, soft, disc-like cakes (for an all-natural icebox cake) and you’ve truly been an inspiration. In addition, I applaud anything and everything that involves Baileys. Yum!

  10. 10
    Curt Says:

    The ice cream sandwiches sound great, but anything heart shaped is just too much for me to try. 🙂 Luckily, my wife doesn’t think the shape is overly romantic, or I’d be in trouble!

  11. 11
    Abby Says:

    That is perfection. Chocolate. Sex. Baking. Three of the best things in the world.

    Sinfully delicious.

  12. 12
    husband Says:

    As we expecrt from you, gorgeous and perfect. I think its one of those great ideas that show a little extra goes a long way. Beautiful recipe and result.

  13. 13
    seabelly Says:


  14. 14
    Bron Says:

    Ohhh Yum! Although my sweetheart wouldn’t be interested, so unfortunately I’d have to eat them all myself! Mmm but then maybe that’s not such a bad thing…*evil wicked laugh*

  15. 15
    Erin Says:

    Beautiful! Bueatiful! Beautiful! I hope you gleefully munched on all of those leftover chocolate cookie edges as well.

  16. 16
    emon Says:

    YUMMMM! Makes me want to put them all in a blender, along with my beating, bleeding, pleading heart and present it to my Valentine raw in a giant mug…topped with a curly straw. But first, I must ask her name. 🙂

  17. These photos are gorgeous, like something you would see in a gourmet food magazine under “Romantic Ideas” or something. Wow! I’m working on Valentines evening, but perhaps I can make something like this the weekend before or after? No sense letting that ice cream maker sit in the cupboard!

  18. 18
    leslie r Says:

    oh my gosh, that sounds absolutely delicious!!!

  19. 19
    bill Says:

    Elegant and captivating….

  20. 20
    Nicole Says:

    Patricia: Yes, the little brownie bits are a nice bonus!

    Shawnda: Yep! Thanks!

    Meeta: Oh, they are! Thanks 🙂

    Susan: Thanks so much 🙂

    Rachel: Thanks! Your cake looks insanely good too!

    Ruby: Will do. And I might be coming sooner than that!

    Kat: Take it, it’s yours!

    Brilynn: Enough said.

    Deb: Hurray for Baileys! 🙂

    Curt: I know you have a sensitive side in there somewhere…

    Abby: Yes!

    Husband: Ah, you make me blush 🙂

    Seabelly: Hmmm…not sure how to respond to that! 😉

    Bron: Nice laugh 🙂

    Erin: Thank you! And of course I did!

    emon: Ok, so your comment is a little bit scary! But my name is Nicole 😉

    Ari: Make them the weekend before! If you wrap them well, they’ll be fine.

    Leslie R: Yes, they are delicious, thanks!

    Bill: Thanks so much!

  21. 21
    Corinne Says:

    These are soooo beautiful! I have been drooling over the pictures on Flickr and waiting for the recipe!! YUM!

  22. 22
    Jennifer Says:

    Love them! Of course anything with Bailey’s is fine by me. Yum!!!

  23. 23
    Kristen Says:

    My husband would love these… thanks for a great V-Day idea! Beautiful.

  24. Really naughty indeed! They look sweet as a heart! Pretty!

  25. 25
    Caroline Says:

    I just love it when I see recipes that start with a box of mix! I still haven’t found a yellow cake I like better than Duncan Hines. You just have to doctor it up and present it well… just like you!
    Beautiful and lovely. Thanks.

  26. 26
    Nicole Says:

    Corinne: Well, now you have it! Are you gonna make them for Jason?

    Jennifer: Yes, I agree! The last time I used Bailey’s was in one of your recipes!

    Kristen: You’re welcome 🙂

    Bea: Thanks 🙂

    Caroline: Yes, I see nothing wrong with starting with a boxed mix on occasion 🙂 Thanks for the compliments!

  27. 27
    Dustin Says:

    Don’t get jealous, but my wife and I had the distinct pleasure of trying these out after Nicole made them. I was surprised that I liked them, considering I hate anything having to do with coffee. Brava!

  28. 28
    carmen Says:


    I have never been so excited about making a recipe before. We are having a Valentine Dinner Party next Saturday night and when I got this recipe I knew it was destined to be the dessert for our guests. I’m out looking for heart shaped cookie cutters – they are not as easy to find as you would think. Any suggestions? Thank you so much, carmen

  29. 29
    Nicole Says:

    Dustin: Glad you liked them 🙂

    Carmen: The heart-shaped cutters I have are wilton brand but I’m not sure where I got them. I would have thought many places would have been selling them! Hope you are able to find something that works!

  30. 30
    Lydia Says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! Even without the Kahlua, they’d still be a little bit naughty. I’m not going to let my husband see this post, or he’ll be expecting these lovely treats on Valentine’s Day!

  31. 31
    Kitarra Says:

    These are so pretty! I love the layers. Just perfect, cute little deserts!

  32. You won’t believe but I made some this morning. How funny~ I’ll be posting them in the next week or so.
    Great descriptions!

  33. 33
    Scott Says:

    Oh my!…

    (he said as he started to ponder giving up food blogging and simply making everything posted here)

    My mom makes a Bailey’s Brownie pie. I know these are going to be outstanding.

  34. 34

    This looks really great, I’m going have to try this,

  35. 35
    madchilli Says:

    You’ve taken a dessert that’s not exactly sophisticated and luxed it up! These looks so good…fantastic.

  36. 36
    Freya Says:

    If only you’d managed to squeeze oysters in there somewhere too!! These look so yummy, who cares if it’s valentines or not??

  37. I am not actually a fan of icecream – but these little love gifts could tempt me!

  38. 38
    talullah Says:

    I have the intense urge to lick the computer monitor. That looks simply scrumptious.

  39. 39
    Jessica Says:

    Nicole- These look yummy delicious, as always! That hubby of yours is one lucky man. 😉

    Incidentally, I have the same heart-shaped cookie cutter, I don’t think it would be hard to find either.

  40. 40
    veron Says:

    These look phenomenal! I can’t believe those are thin brownies shaped into a heart plus ice cream. You have clearly outdone yourself again. Bravo!

  41. 41
    Pearl Says:

    Wow. That is a spectacular one. Your kitchen needs ID-check for adult admittance. 🙂

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  43. 43
    kstyle Says:

    Just discoverd your blog and I’m so glad i did. love the heart ice cream sandwhich. Just might have to blog about that on Kstyle. Drop by my blog on design. I love connecting our different blogging communities. k

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  45. […] I did not do this for blog fodder, I swear.  I was leafing through one of my soup cookbooks the other day looking for inspiration for Valentine’s day.   Karen probably won’t get home that night until 8:30, so I was thinking about something light and then a dessert.  Luckily Karen already found a dessert here.  […]

  46. 46
    amanda Says:

    man! i hate when i leave town and am stranded with no internet then i come back and everybody (you!) has amazing stuff up! seriously! this is perhaps the cutest ice cream sandwiches ever. the brownies seem to be just the right size so that they don’t squish out the ice cream and the hearts are so perfectly cut out!

  47. 47
    carmen Says:

    Found a great heart shaped cookie cutter and had so much fun making them. We’re having 14 guests Saturday night and I have 14 really pretty heart shaped sandwhiches in individual bags frozen very solid in the freezer. They look amazing but are too hard to cut with a fork . I don’t want them to thaw out too much before serving or the ice cream will ooze out from the sides. How long should they sit out before serving? A million thanks for the most fun recipe I’ve ever tried. carmen

  48. 48
    Steph Says:

    Ok I guess I found this recipe a bit late. You have a ton of comments!!! But when I saw this picture and recipe…I was like…that looks like something prepared in a restaurant by a chef!! Whew! You just get better and better. And the recipe sounds so yummy and holiday themed! Awesome Nicole–keep it up woman:)

  49. 49

    Thank you very much for giving us the idea for our Valentine’s day dessert, I can’t wait. Could the leftovers be the best part?

  50. 50

    Lovely picture, What anyone could wish more than this delicious treat for valentine’s day!!I fell in love with ur site:)

  51. 51
    Helen Says:

    Picture perfect! These combine all my favorites!
    Can’t wait for saturday night to make them!

  52. 52
    Linda Says:

    how perfectly delectable. please oh please save me some, with a photography lesson on the side. please and thank you.

  53. […] partial to the naughty ice cream sandwich myself but the sun jar would be cool to give as a […]

  54. 54
    rob Says:

    Oh God that looks good. It’s about -20C here right now, so this recipe will likely have to wait for a few months before I make it.

    You have a wonderful blog and this is a great post.

  55. 55
    Nicole Says:

    Thanks so much everyone for all of your comments!

  56. 56
    Nora Says:

    Hello from Singapore!

    Nice blog you got here! This recipe looks so good I am getting weak. Timely for Valentine’s Day. Btw I am a foodie myself and I have a free valentine recipe eCookbook at my site. Help yourself.

  57. 57
    Marieke Says:

    This is almost too much…all my favourite things combined..and the wonderful!

    Greetings from Holland,


  58. 58
    soumya Says:

    Hey im a new visitor to your blog.This one is simply devine and such a nice presentation.Lovely

  59. 59
    danielle Says:

    The photos are gorgeous. Is it ok if I use these photos on my blog ( for a valentine day photo collage? Of course I will mention you as the photographer and link to your blog. Thanks for your reply!

  60. […] Yes, that is what they call this SEXY looking heart-shaped dessert! From the pages of ‘Pinch MySalt’, this dessert is perfect for couples on Valentines Day. There are three aphrodisiacs in this cute little recipe. Dark chocolate, Alcohol and coffee. For the complete recipe go to PinchMySalt […]

  61. 61
    Jun Says:

    thank you for this recipe. i’m putting you in my blogroll. 🙂

  62. 62

    Oh, these are perfect!

  63. […] beste Valentines Day gifts are the ones you make yourself. Bake for instance some heart shaped brownies for you loved one. Or even better: turn them into ice cream sandwiches, combining Kahlua-flavored […]

  64. 64
    aria Says:

    this is just stunning! major drooooools! you take the most beautiful pictures 🙂

  65. 65
    elle Says:

    I just love naughty confections-thanks.

  66. […] The Naughty Ice Cream Sandwiches from Pinch My Salt have a beautiful presentation (and look delicious […]

  67. 67
    Goody Says:

    very nice, made it last night, talk about baileys 😛 YAY lets just say, i finished the bottle off, thanx for sharing

  68. 68
    Nic Says:

    Oh wow, those look amazing!

  69. 69
    ageekgirl Says:

    Eeeeviiill! I like it a lot. Gotta try it sometime.

  70. 70

    looks so tasty! maybe i can woo emily with this one

  71. 71
    amanda Says:

    happy v-day nicole!

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  73. 73
    carmen Says:

    We ended up with 18 dinner guest at our Valentine Dinner Party Sat. night. I forgot to take the frozen naughty -ice-cream sandwhiches out of the freezer but had drizzled the plates with chocolate before the party started. I quickly placed one sandwhich per plate and microwaved each for 20 seconds before serving. They were perfect! Everyone just adored them. Monday I made my College Sophomore son heart shaped Khaluha brownies, and amaretto bars, froze them and then sent them to him yesterday fed. ex. They arrived at his campus this morning, Valentines Day! This recipe creates many great ideas and memories. Truly the most fun I’ve ever had making a dessert. Have a very Happy Valentines Day!

  74. 74

    Well I went and did it, and it was awesome. Thanks again, this was a very fortuitous find.

  75. […] few days ago, I was perusing the always-wonderful Pinch My Salt and noticed the Naughty Ice Cream Sandwiches. As soon as I saw them, I immediately knew that was the dessert I wanted to make for my sweetie on […]

  76. 76
    EVA Says:

    Looks delicious !!

  77. 77
    leslie r Says:

    My husband and I made them for Valentines. They are absolutely delicious, I don’t want to share the last one with him, hehe.

  78. 78
    Mae Says:

    Wow. Nicole, these baby are just too cute for words. I heart them. 🙂

  79. 79
    Kate Says:

    Very late for these but i had to tell u they look amazing… i’m a big fan of sandwich icecreams…and i will definately make this.

  80. 80
    William Says:

    Wow! These things are beautiful. I’m definitely going to have to make these.

  81. 81
    alberto Says:


    Your pictures are just breathtaking!! Loved the food ones. Do you know that the Modica Chocolate Festival will be held from March 17-25? We are planning the usual PAO trip there..maybe you could write a story on that! Stop by at the office whenever ypu can and we will discuss the details!


  82. Ciao,
    i’m the warrant officer from de Italian Air Force. Do you remember me?
    Congratulations for your blog.

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  84. 84

    I adore ice cream, chocolate, Bailey’s and Kahlua. Did you post this recipe, just for me? 🙂


  85. 85
    Nicole Says:

    Hi Merry,

    Of course I posted it just for you! Glad you finally found it 😉

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  91. 91
    benbes Says:

    I love the Kahlua-flavored dark chocolate chunk brownies and ice cream .
    i will try your recipe and see if i can do it.Thank you
    cuisinart ice cream maker

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