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It’s Strawberry Time!

May 16, 2007



If you’ve had a chance to visit any of the outdoor markets lately, you’ve seen them. Piles of bright red berries, gleaming in the sunlight, just waiting to be taken home and devoured! There are a variety of strawberries here in Sicily, from the impossibly tiny fragoline to the gigantic fragolone, and every size in between. Although strawberries are a wonderfully healthy, low-calorie treat when eaten plain, I look forward to strawberry season for another reason: Strawberry Shortcake! Read the rest of this entry »

Herbed Tuna Salad with Feta and Pine Nuts

May 11, 2007


There’s a weekly food blog event that I have been meaning to participate in for quite some time now. It’s called Weekend Herb Blogging and it’s a great way for people who enjoy using fresh herbs to share tips, ideas, information, and recipes with one another. The event, now on it’s 82nd week I believe, was founded by Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen and is still hosted there the first weekend of each month. During the other three weeks, the event roams around the food blog community, hosted by different bloggers each week. If you wish to participate, simply write a little something about a fresh herb and/or post a recipe featuring fresh herbs. Put it on your blog sometime during the week (any week, every week) and then e-mail the link to the person who is hosting the event. All of the links are compiled and then posted together at the end of the week by the host. Like all food blog events, it’s a great way to learn something new, find recipes, and also discover new food blogs. Read the rest of this entry »

Calling All Strawberry Lovers

May 10, 2007


I have noticed that I am not the only one who has been enjoying fresh strawberries lately! I will be posting a homemade strawberry shortcake recipe soon and thought it might be fun to add some links to other fresh strawberry recipes that are floating around the blogosphere right now. So, if you have recently posted a fresh strawberry recipe or plan on doing so this weekend, send me your link in the next couple of days and I’ll include it in my strawberry recipe round-up! I would really love to see some fresh strawberry pie recipes — I’ll be making one as soon as my aunt tracks down my mom’s old recipe!

One more thing!  Have you notice that I added a Guest Book Page to my site?  Whether you’re a Pinch My Salt regular or visiting for the first time, please take a moment to tell me who you are and where you’re from 🙂

A Cappuccino for You!

January 11, 2007


Well, it’s official, I WON!! First of all, you’ll have to excuse my excessive use of exclamation points in this post but…Pinch My Salt is officially the Best New Food Blog of 2006!! I would like to thank everyone who took a moment out of their day to go vote for me! And I would especially like to thank my friends who not only voted, but went out of their way (through blog posts and e-mail campaigns) to encourage others to vote as well, especially Emon, Jessica, Sandi, and Karen! Read the rest of this entry »

My Blog DOES Look Good In This!

January 6, 2007


What a way to start off the new year! First I find out that I’m in the running for Best New Food Blog in the 2006 Food Blog Awards and now I learn that I’m one of the winners in the latest round of DMBLGIT (Does My Blog Look Good in This), a monthly photography contest for food bloggers! Read the rest of this entry »

Best New Food Blog? Me??

January 4, 2007

2006 Food Blog Awards

Well it seems that I have been nominated for Best New Food Blog in the 2006 Food Blog Awards over at the Well Fed Network. Wow! I am shocked and flattered and must say it’s quite an honor! Thanks so much to those who nominated me! 🙂

Now the voting begins. If you would like to vote for me and earn my everlasting respect and gratitude, you can do so here. But there are tons of great blogs nominated in several different categories so after you’re done voting for me, hurry over and cast your votes for all your other favorite yummy blogs that are listed in other categories! Voting will close at midnight EST on January 9, so don’t put it off!

Thanks so much everyone for visiting and leaving such nice comments lately! I’m lucky enough to have my cousin and her husband here visiting all the way from California so you might not hear from me too much over the next week as we’ll be busy scouring the island in search of the best pizza, pastries and vino. I wish you all a very happy new year and hope you’ve made and broken some wonderful resolutions!

Happy 2007!!

Nicole 😉

Five Things to Eat Before You Die

September 2, 2006


Jennifer over at Bake or Break has tagged me to participate in The Foodblogger’s Guide to the Globe, a joint project started by Melissa at The Traveler’s Lunchbox. The goal is to compile a comprehensive list of foods from around the world that everyone must try at least once. The hard part is that each foodblogger must limit their list to five things so that it doesn’t get completely out of control!

It was extremely difficult to limit my list to five things, especially since I think there are at least ten “must-eat” things in Sicily alone! But I tried to diversify the list a little bit and limited Sicily to only two slots on the list.

  1. Original Yumm! from Cafe Yumm! in Eugene, Oregon: Cafe Yumm! is famous for their Yumm! Sauce and they very well should be. This stuff is awesome. No, I really don’t know what it is but just go there and order a bowl of Original Yumm! and you will understand why it is on this list. The Original Yumm! consists of brown rice, red and black beans and the famous Yumm! sauce. The whole thing is topped off with organic salsa. It is so tasty and it is definitely the healthiest thing on this list!
  2. Sweet Potato Tempura with Spicy Plum Sauce: My favorite restaurant in Eugene, Oregon is Ring of Fire. They serve Thai and Pacific Rim cuisine and although I haven’t tried anything there I didn’t love, my absolute favorite is the Sweet Potato Tempura appetizer served with a super yummy spicy plum sauce. These things are amazing. And if you can stand some heat in your drink, I also highly recommend the chili margarita to go with!
  3. Grilled Tri-Tip: Although it has definitely gained in popularity over the years, I still run across people who have never heard of tri-tip. It’s a wonderful, lean, tender cut of beef that needs nothing more than a simple rub of garlic, salt, and black pepper (and occasionally some parsley). I grew up in central California where tri-tip is very popular.
  4. Almond Granita with Brioche in Catania, Sicily: Granita served with a side of brioche is THE thing to have for breakfast in Sicily during the summer. Almond is my favorite and I think they do it best in Catania!
  5. Pizza in Sicily: It doesn’t matter what kind. Just come here and eat some. Now!

Now it’s time for me to tag five other foodbloggers to make lists of their own. If any of you have already been tagged, let me know and I’ll update the list. Have fun!

Beef with Butter: Heart Attack or Heaven?

August 14, 2006


I decided to get out and grill something before I missed the deadline for Carnival of the Grill…a blogging event hosted by Men in Aprons. I usually don’t need an excuse to fire up the grill but lately I’ve chosen to stay in my air conditioned kitchen and have kept my distance from fire-producing objects. Luckily, the mercury seems to be dropping and it’s actually pleasant outside in the evenings again.

So last night, in honor of my return to the grill, I opted for something fancy. And by fancy I don’t mean complicated, I mean expensive! But it’s nice to splurge once in a while and the thick beef tenderloin steaks looked so good that I couldn’t resist. Although I love a good porterhouse and rib eyes are always a good bet, there’s nothing like biting into a perfectly grilled tenderloin steak.

Usually I don’t do much to these steaks…a little olive oil, some salt and pepper and they taste amazing. But occasionally I wrap them in bacon and last night I took it a step further and crowned my effort with a slice of spicy, smoky compound butter. I was inspired to make up this butter a few days ago after visiting 101 Cookbooks. I love my smoked paprika from The Spice House and am always looking for new ways to use it. It tastes amazing in this butter and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner! By the way, if you like to make your own barbeque rubs and you have never tried smoked paprika…go buy some now!!

Yes, a steak wrapped in bacon and covered in butter might sound like a heart attack waiting to happen but beef tenderloin is very lean and we’re only talking about one slice of bacon and maybe a teaspoon of butter. It’s not something I do often but adding a dab of compound butter to grilled meat takes it to a whole new level. Try some sage butter on a grilled pork chop if you don’t believe me!

On to the recipe… Read the rest of this entry »