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Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Cook

December 14, 2006

Click on any of the photos to learn where to buy them!


All of these items are things that I use on a regular basis or definitely would use on a regular basis if someone gave them to me 😉 I happen to be going through a green phase right now Read the rest of this entry »

I’ll Be Back

October 11, 2006

I will not be able to post any new recipes for a few weeks as my grandmother passed away unexpectedly and I made an emergency trip back to the states.  Thanks to all who have been leaving nice comments and I am sorry that I have been unable to respond.  Hope you will keep reading…I’ll be back soon with some recipes dedicated to my grandmother, Gigi. 

NPR : What’s in a Name? The Avocado Story

July 20, 2006

I was checking the latest installment of NPR’s Kitchen Window and found this great little article on the avocado. avocado.jpegIt includes a few recipes that look good including the Grilled Corn, Mango and Avocado Salsa that I can’t wait to try!

If you are new to this blog and love avocados, here is a previous post with a recipe for Avocado Pie. Another avocado dessert recipe that looks really good can be found here.

If anyone has any interesting avocado recipes that they would like to share with me, please leave a comment with the recipe or a link!