Creamy Roasted Cauliflower and Artichoke Soup

January 26, 2007


Well, after all my talk about the warm, sunny days we’ve been having around here, the skies are now gloomy and overcast. It’s still not very cold but the dreary weather makes me crave something warm and comforting. And since my husband won’t be home for a while yet, I settled for some soup.

My original intention was to make the cream of artichoke soup featured on the Castroville Artichoke Festival Web site. I had a bunch of little artichokes in the fridge and I thought it would be an interesting way to use them since I had never tasted artichoke soup. But then I realized that I also had an entire head of cauliflower tucked away that I had been saving for soup.

Hmmmm. Guess what I did? Continue reading

Spring Cleaning in January?

January 21, 2007


Today’s forecast:
Sunday in Catania, Sicily, Italy
Sunny and Pleasantly warm, 74°F/23°C
Wind WSW, 6mph

This is no joke, it is warm outside! Although we call this place Sunny Sicily, this is not normal weather for the end of January! But, as you can see in the photo, everything is green and the wildflowers are blooming everywhere. It feels and looks like spring here. The windows in my house have been open every day (much to the delight of my cat) and I actually have had the urge to do some spring-like cleaning around my house (that’s more unusual than this weather). Well, this morning I have also done some much needed cleaning around this blog. Continue reading

I Dreamed of Broccoli

January 17, 2007


No, really I did! Of course it was only a daydream, but that daydream led to my new favorite roasted broccoli recipe that I plan on sharing with you once I get through telling my silly story. I was at the gym, on the elliptical machine, listening to Bob Marley on my new ipod shuffle (I know, I probably wasn’t moving very fast while listening to that), when all of a sudden I drifted off and started daydreaming about the broccoli in my fridge. Continue reading

Calorie-free Cheesecakes!

January 16, 2007


I am one of those people whose refrigerator is completely covered with magnets, photos, etc. I’ve been this way for as long as I’ve had my own kitchen and I’ll probably never change. Continue reading

Orange You Glad it’s Friday?

January 12, 2007


One of my favorite things about winter is fresh-squeezed orange juice! I’ve been lucky in that I’ve spent many years of my life surrounded by orange trees. Growing up in California, we actually never had an orange tree of our own but the thing about living in the San Joaquin Valley is that even if you don’t have an orange tree, you always know several people who do! Well it’s been several years since I’ve lived in California but now here I am in Sicily, surrounded by orange trees once again, and I’m loving it! Continue reading

A Cappuccino for You!

January 11, 2007


Well, it’s official, I WON!! First of all, you’ll have to excuse my excessive use of exclamation points in this post but…Pinch My Salt is officially the Best New Food Blog of 2006!! I would like to thank everyone who took a moment out of their day to go vote for me! And I would especially like to thank my friends who not only voted, but went out of their way (through blog posts and e-mail campaigns) to encourage others to vote as well, especially Emon, Jessica, Sandi, and Karen! Continue reading

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Alert!

January 7, 2007

If you’ve noticed the long (getting longer every day) list of food blogs I have listed over on my sidebar, then you must understand that I spend quite a bit of time browsing through tons of wonderful recipes on a daily basis. I’ve already run across more great recipes than I could cook in this lifetime. Continue reading

My Blog DOES Look Good In This!

January 6, 2007


What a way to start off the new year! First I find out that I’m in the running for Best New Food Blog in the 2006 Food Blog Awards and now I learn that I’m one of the winners in the latest round of DMBLGIT (Does My Blog Look Good in This), a monthly photography contest for food bloggers! Continue reading

Best New Food Blog? Me??

January 4, 2007

2006 Food Blog Awards

Well it seems that I have been nominated for Best New Food Blog in the 2006 Food Blog Awards over at the Well Fed Network. Wow! I am shocked and flattered and must say it’s quite an honor! Thanks so much to those who nominated me! 🙂

Now the voting begins. If you would like to vote for me and earn my everlasting respect and gratitude, you can do so here. But there are tons of great blogs nominated in several different categories so after you’re done voting for me, hurry over and cast your votes for all your other favorite yummy blogs that are listed in other categories! Voting will close at midnight EST on January 9, so don’t put it off!

Thanks so much everyone for visiting and leaving such nice comments lately! I’m lucky enough to have my cousin and her husband here visiting all the way from California so you might not hear from me too much over the next week as we’ll be busy scouring the island in search of the best pizza, pastries and vino. I wish you all a very happy new year and hope you’ve made and broken some wonderful resolutions!

Happy 2007!!

Nicole 😉

Orange Mini Cheesecakes with Grand Marnier Cream

December 30, 2006


When I bought my mini cheesecake pan, I really wasn’t sure whether I would use it. There are so many pieces of baking equipment stuffed into the back of my kitchen cabinets that never see the light of day, much less feel the heat of my oven. But I have used this pan over and over, much to the delight of my friends and neighbors. I receive so many compliments on the tiny cheesecakes that I almost feel guilty because they are so quick and easy to make! Continue reading