Avocado Pie


I’ve had a couple of requests for this recipe and I think it’s something that everyone needs to try once! Don’t let the main ingredient fool you, this is one of my all-time favorite desserts!

This is a pie that my mom used to make and we grew up calling it “Frog Pie.” We would never tell our friends that the pie was made from an avocado. For whatever reason, “Frog Pie” sounded more appetizing than “Avocado Pie” to the other kids! The real name is Jagger Pie although I have no idea what that means or where the recipe originally came from.

Jagger Pie

1 medium Hass avocado
1 can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk
3 1/2 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice
graham cracker pie crust made with brown sugar (use recipe on box of graham crackers)
heavy (whipping) cream, whipped without sugar

In blender, mix avocado and milk thoroughly then blend in lemon juice. Pour immediately into pie crust (it starts setting up fast). Top with unsweetened whipped cream (The pie is so sweet that the unsweetened cream is a nice balance) and refrigerate for a few hours.
Hope you enjoy it!

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Avocado Update: Lately I’ve run across some other great avocado dessert recipes so I’ve decided to share those with you too. I think the most interesting one is the Chili-Lime Avocado Ice Cream found at The Weekly Dish, a great site I recently stumbled across. The ice cream combines the flavors of avocado, coconut, lime, and jalapeno peppers…yum! Another one is the Creamy Avocado Milkshake over at one of my favorite sites, The Traveler’s Lunchbox. For some great information on avocados and yet another sweet avocado drink recipe, visit this installment of NPR’s Kitchen Window.


  1. 1
    Alicat Says:

    Yummy! I was just planning on trying out an avocado shake last week, but I ended up using the cado for sandwiches. This looks really tasty and I’ll try this recipe out next time around. 🙂

  2. 2
    rachel Says:

    That is really really neat! My husband is a avocado freak!

  3. 3

    I think I’m going to have to try this tomorrow night! Thanks. 🙂

  4. 4
    elskermeg Says:

    Alicat, Rachel, WillowGrace–

    Please let me know if any of you try this recipe! I’m always curious to know what people will think of it 🙂

  5. 5
    Steph Says:

    Oh my gosh…one of my favorite things that you have cooked. i remember you making this pie and it was so freakin good. i want to try to make it but I know it will not turn out as good as the real thing by you:)
    Hey what about the potato leak soup? Cant wait to see that one on your site. Awesome website..its like you are combining several of your favorite things to do in one. LOVE IT!
    Take care–we miss ya,

  6. 6
    Lizabeth Says:

    How fantastic does that sound!!! I cannot wait to try. I love peculiar things and that sounds fantastic.

  7. 7
    Nicole Says:

    Steph, I’ll be posting potato leek soup one of these days! It’s not much of a summer soup but I never go too long without making it since it’s my favorite!

    Lizabeth, thanks for stopping by! Hope you try this pie, it’s really good!

  8. 8
    Ryan Says:

    i just finished making this. tis in the fridge…coolin 😀

  9. 9
    Visolela Says:

    I came across your website while searching for a recipe and feel reinspired to attack the odds and ends in my kitchen. I saw this recipe and have put it on the list of ingredients to pick up this weekend.

    I live in Brazil and I have a feeling this pie will be a hit here at home because unlike in the US or Mexico or most places in the world I suppose, Avocados are served “sweet” and not “salty”

    One of the most common ways people eat Avocados here is in a creamy sauce with a spoon. It is a comfort food of sorts and could stand to be dressed up a little or combined with something. The general recipe calls for throwing diced avacado, sugar, lemon juice and milk into a blender until you get a consistent mixture, pour into a bowl and eat with a spoon. It has the consistency of yogurt. It has been awhile since I’ve tried playing with this, as most people stop eating it as they get older. I think this pie will be a perfect way to make a traditional snack more grown up. And who can resisit chocolate anyway?

    On the note about the name, I made Grasshopper pie once, but somehow the name didn’t help the pie any..I have since started calling it “Chocolate Mint Pie” and have had a higher success rate.

  10. 10
    Caren Nelson Says:


    My friend made the avacado pie (using lime juice) for me and my husband as a thank you gift . It is terrific !!!! She put slices of kiwie fruit and fresh flower on top it was beautiful as well as very very tasty.
    We are in the middle of avacado season on Maui and its hard to use all of them. I make a wonderful cold avacado soup with chicken broth. Also I blend avacados with lime juice and it freezes very well for later use.

    I Love to try new things

  11. 11
    thecoffeesnob Says:

    I just made this. It’s so quick and oh so yummy!

  12. 12
    Fran Says:

    This Avacado Pie sounds, wonderful, can’t wait to try. I was fascinated by Visolela who told about the comfort food served to children. Also was pleased to hear she enjoyed “Grasshopper Pie” one of my favorites growing up. I have been looking for a recipe, ours was made of Ice cream, Cream de Menthe, maybe Knox Geletin and your choice of lady finger crust or crushed chocolate ice box cookes. If anyone has a receipe I would love to find it.

  13. 13
    Doug Says:

    I had Jagger Pie ( that was the name ) for the first time at a steakhouse in Sonora, California, over 35 years ago. However, it was made with lime juice and the crust was made from ground chocolate wafers rather than graham crackers. The Mexican Lime or Key Lime, so easy to find here in California, puts an excellent twist on this great dessert.

  14. […] Sounds simple, non? But wait—there’s a hitch. Turns out that there are some seed-bearing parts of plants that are not sweet, but which are nevertheless often classified as fruits in the culinary world. The avocado, for example, is considered a fruit by many cooks. (See, e.g. here.) Perhaps this is because it is sometimes used in desserts, such as avocado pie. […]

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